Walter Carpio Molina

About me
Senior software engineer with 15+ years of experience in some target industries, including real state, banking, e-commerce, educational, human performance management, government, maritime, among others, targeting desktop, web, console, middleware, scalable and distributed systems. For this purpose, I applied several technologies and tools, lately in .NET world, like C#, ASP.NET MVC, .Net Core, WCF, LINQ, Web Services, Angular, Azure and several others. I consider myself an enthusiastic agile practitioner; in fact, I love agile practices and teamwork, having taught some courses locally and abroad. Finally, I graduated from University, having a solid foundation in Computer Science and Software Engineering.
Front End DeveloperInmark Europa • Other
Front End Developer
Inmark Europa • Other
03/2020 - Currently

Full stack Software Engineer for Administrative back-end, web, agent and mobile app, using an Owin REST back-end layer based on Nancy framework. Interaction with third party electronical sign (external API: eSign). Code using SOLID patterns, IoC, DI, Angular, TypeScript, Serilog, Ionic, as database we use PostgreSql, pgAdmin and Data Grip; finally for testing: MS Testing framework and NSubstitute for mocking.


AngularREST APIsSOLID PrinciplesTypeScriptTestingIonicPostgreSQL
Back End DeveloperNumber8 • Software
Back End Developer
Number8 • Software
08/2016 - 12/2019

Client 01: Software Engineer working in an e-commerce distributed American store with presence in USA, England, Canada, Australia, etc. Back-end developer in .Net for several applications. Client 02: Software Engineer developing software for an American Education company focused on lawyers. Mainly focus on maintaining logic on stored procedures and code using LINQ in .Net systems. • Client 03: Software Engineer maintaining applications for Human Resources department of a Worldwide company with more than 5K employees around the world. With a strong focus on performance management and feedbacks. • Cloud: some Amazon services (AWS, S3, etc.) • Agile practices: Scrum, Kanban, XP. • Quality Assurance and active testing, coverage, unit and integration tests. • Teams: WebApp, Customer application, Foundation, CMS, Code generation, HC team, third party integrations. • Others: SCM with GitHub, VSO, TFS-Git, Atlassian Bitbucket, TeamCity, Jenkins, ProjectPlace, Confluence.


ASP.NET CoreLINQTypeScriptRabbitMQC#.NETWCF Web ServicesAWS Cloud ArchitectureT-SQLJenkinsASP.NET MVC
Technical LeadMicrodata • Technology
Technical Lead
Microdata • Technology
10/2014 - 06/2016

Project 01: Development of a web application for a specialized institution of the Government: ANA. I led a team of 4 developers. Project 02: Development of an administrative desktop system for a private company: TISUR, for managing the payroll of intermittent workers. I led a team of 5 developers. Project 03: Development of a Business Process Modeling Project to the human resources department. They manage profiles for executives, staff, tarjadores, intermittent staff, and practitioners. Functional requirements were identified, and then an architecture plan was developed for integration with SAP ERP System, and some models were modeled in Bizagi tool. Project 04: Development of the integrated Human Resource ERP system named SIR-H (including: Attendance control, Vacations management, Contracts, Performance evaluation, Training management); we started with the Attendance system, etc.


JavaScriptHTMLTortoiseSVNEntity FrameworkNUnitUnityASP.NET MVCWPF
System ProgrammingGrupo Inmark • Other
System Programming
Grupo Inmark • Other
10/2007 - 05/2016

• Project 08: Statistical Monitoring Application for Asisa. • Project 07: Statistical Monitoring Application for Mapfre Seguros. • Project 06: Statistical Monitoring Application for BanColombia. • Project 05: Statistical App for BBVA Seguros • Project 04: Executive Application for the “Banco de Crédito del Perú” BCP. • Project 03: Balance Results Monitoring Application for McDonalds Spain. • Project 02: Balance Results Monitoring Application for VidaCaixa Spain, insurance company. • Project 01: Statistical Monitoring Application for “Banco Continental” BBVA, with applications for several countries.


JavaScriptjQueryHTMLAngularNUnitKendo UI.NETSeleniumASP.NET MVCMicrosoft SQL Server
System ProgrammingSaint Mary Catholic University • Education
System Programming
Saint Mary Catholic University • Education
06/1998 - 04/2008

Developer for systems: Payroll, Human Resources Control, Costs, Labor Record and Activities Monitoring System. Payroll Database managing +US$15 million per year. Also, I managed the Project Development of a Decision Support System (Data warehouse) for Executives of the Administrative Area.


09/2002 - 08/2004
Master in Software Engineering
Universidad Católica de Santa María
04/1993 - 01/1998
Computer Scientist
Universidad Católica de Santa María